What we do?
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At Gra, we know that a brand is a resource.

A brand strategy, together with appropriate design and successful communication, creates emotion and new experiences for the consumer. To create brands that people appreciate, we dive deeply into the brief and work through everything in an integrated manner.

Marketing research
We will analyze your business, competitors and the situation in the market. We will identify potential opportunities to occupy a specific niche or position, which will allow you to differentiate.
Brand strategy
We will add meaning and an emotional component to the brand. Together we will establish the mission and values of the brand.
By researching what makes your company unique, we will find positioning that will reveal its identity and help you stand out in the market.
We will come up with a name for your brand that will help you always be on the A-list and in the hearts of the target audience.
Communication strategy
We will figure out how, where and when the brand should communicate with the target audience. We will develop a tone-of-voice and create a rubricator that will allow you to systematize the information that your brand shares.
Advertising campaign
We will create an advertising campaign: from idea to final script.
We will do copywriting for your website in humane understandable language.
We will figure out how a brand should be present on social media to win over the hearts of consumers. To do so we will adapt the tone-of-voice for each individual channel.
Visual Identity
We will develop a logo and corporate identity for your company, which will help to reveal the meanings that you put into your brand even better.
Content creation
We will create visual content for the needs of your brand. From designing a business card interior at your office in corporate style.
We will make your web site not only easy to read, but also pleasant to see. We will design the site in such a way that everything will be clear to the user from the first clicks.
Visuals for advertisement
We will visually embody the idea of an advertising campaign. We work with various forms: from billboards to stop-motion videos.
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    Time for a change
    Leave a message ans we’ll get in touch

      04071, Kiev, Ukraine
      St. Vozdvyzhenska 34

      04071, Kiev, Ukraine
      St. Vozdvyzhenska 34

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