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Branding breakthroughs start with brand strategy

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what is branding?

Crafting a brand is like crafting a personality, and with the right approach it will have the right harmony and appeal. People who are attracted to this personality are your clients.


Branding consists of brand strategy, identity, and communication.


Brand strategy is the basis of branding, so it is crucial for truly strong brands. So what the branding strategy should be like?

who needs brand strategy?

Brand strategy is like a navigator. You should know where are you headed and understand your next moves. You should prevent the situations when you realize that you chose the wrong path. Time to admit that current hardships are not fleeting and you need team effort to adapt to them. Tough times like these reveal the essence and the power of your brand. The crisis is not to be used as a justification for inactivity, but as an opportunity to upgrade your brand.


We notice a heightened demand among businesses for branding strategy. In such volatile circumstances only a few know where to begin. But if the brand has a precise and clear strategy, it can figure out the next steps. Then another challenge arises: how to implement the strategy to this new environment. It makes you focus on finding new ways and boots your creativity. And that’s what we do in our branding agency.

what does brand strategy include?


Market research and competitive analysis

Who are the brand’s competition and what’s missing in them that can become our advantage.


Target audience analysis

Namely their needs and pain points. The stronger these are, the more powerful insights to be found. Which will serve as a great motivation for the brand to meet those needs. Adaptive strategy means rapid response to global and local changes.


Research of insights

The journey starts from the insight


Defining rational and emotional benefits

At this stage we conduct 10+ interviews. No random people, only real users and stars of the category.


Development of brand matrix or jobs story

We devise situations and circumstances in which the client meets the brand.


Development of vision and mission of the brand

Mission is crucial to conquer clients’ hearts.


Research of key messages

Brief and clear information about the essence of the brand.


Definition of brand’s values, archetype and tone of voice

Who is our brand: the Creator or the Outlaw, the Explorer or The Lover? Maybe even a combination of these?


Master file

All important information in one place.

As you may have guessed, brand strategy is not developed in just one week. Besides working with our in-house art directors and designers we collaborate with many specialists in advertising industry. Our staff expands according to one or another challenge. Our teammates are people with whom we have been collaborating for years.


When you refer to Gra Agency you get multilevel result – starting from branding and up to website developing. The more you invest in developing your brand, the more tools your brand will be equipped with to bring maximum profit.


Braver together!

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      time to change
      Contact us and we’ll create a brief

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