salmon which is always near

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Ikryaniki is a fish snack , easy to take with you.
To create brand of the fish snack from Norway salmon which would be bought by people with average level of wealth for beer and as independent snack.
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and strategy

Because the product is new for the market, we had to explain to the customers what is it, why is it qualitative and delicious and when to eat it.


After investigation of the target audience and related categories we came to the conclusion that we had to take into account the culture of fish snacks’ usage and to use the cultural associations.

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Sven will teach you

hygge and to eat fish snacks

Instead of hitting on with trends of snack categories we decided to take a closer look to the fishing. From there we took a thesis about Norwegian quality.
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We created brand hero Norwegian Sven who will teach our target audience cool Scandinavian tricks: from Hygge to the culture of usage the salmon. And what do you need for Salmon to be always with you.


According to the Hygge values, the happiness is in little things. And jerky salmon in sticks is one of such little pleasant things.

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Hygge refers to “a form of everyday togetherness”, “a pleasant and highly valued everyday experience of safety, equality, personal wholeness and a spontaneous social flow”. That’s why we decided to refresh design of Ikryaniki in such a way to make it wholeness, pleasant and easy.


Deep violet and orange colors were basic ones. This dark shade of violet approaching to the blue color is instinctively associated with reliability and wisdom. Orange adds cosines and warmth.

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Sven from abstract Norwegian turned into kind and affable big guy who shares his story. We developed a set of illustrations in which we visually showed situations in which customer would like to enjoy ikryaniki.


For this design we got the award UKRAINIAN DESIGN: THE VERY BEST OF PACKAGING DESIGN 2020.

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Head of project — Serhiy Maxutenko

Account manager — Rada Noize
Marketer — Diana Shumytska
Copywriter — Lolyta Layzan
Art Director — Julia Bilyaieva
Designer — Lera Lesyk
Designer — Anna Ostapets
Designer — Danyil Nykytenko
Animation designer — Bohdan Moroz
Illustrator — Daria Philipova
Junior illustrator — Nadia Boldonova

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