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System integrator
IT-Solutions – is an expert in virtualization, management and maintenance of data.

Even for the leaders in their category it comes the time when it is necessary to change and consolidate their leadership, IT-Solutions who have been improving the businesses of others, are now courage to improve and change.

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Investigation and strategy
During investigation of the company, client’s needs and categories we drilled into digitalization sphere. Digital transformation and system integration are now becoming more necessity then just a trend for the business with desire to occupy the position of leader at the market.
The statistics shows that even pandemic is not able to contain those changes. According to IFS data, 70% of enterprises decided to increase or save their costs on digital transformation during the pandemic. The world is changing and business also has to change to win.
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Innovations that change
We developed new identity for IT-Solutions, the main idea of which is common work of their team can help to system integrate all the processes in their client’s businesses and thereby to change themselves.
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Digital innovations that change… everything

So we inform B2B clients what they can get from collaboration with IT-solutions. Notably they get qualitative changes.

Moreover, such positioning allowed us to create an adaptive slogan which works independently from the context of industry from which the client comes to IT-solution.

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Visual solution
To endorse the strategy visually, we developed identity in the context of integration as consolidation and changes to move forward. So that new logo demonstrates joint effort and each time makes it possible to rise one step above.
The strategy also had a big influence on choosing colors. Combining of monochrome with dark green which symbolized the peace we changed on dark blue and bright green.
gra brand design it solutions main
New colors make more correspondent associations on the emotional level. Dark blue makes the feeling of power and bright green is like green traffic light for big changes and approaching growth.
Moreover, we actively used superlips in visual style. This unique figure is the result of combining square and circle so that it shows the power of IT–Solutions as the system integrator.
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Director – Serhiy Maxutenko
Brand marketer – Vadym Pustotin
Art Director – Julia Bilyaieva
Senior designer – Inna Mychalska
Designer – Lera Lesyk

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