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Kyiv Symphony Orchestra

Different people creating the whole
Kyiv Symphony Orchestra is national collective with 40-years history, which is now on the stage of revolution renovation.
Our aim was to make the brand of Kyiv Symphony Orchestra that will help to open its essence not from the historical point, but to show as it is right now and what is it seeking for.
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Investigation and strategy
Unfortunately, symphonic orchestras are faced auditoria’s prejudices as any high intellectual art. A lot of people think that they will not be able to enjoy this kind of music because they will not understand it. Others, conversely, are proud of being in that minority who can highly estimate high intellectual art.
But even thought the modern art lovers we can meet people with prejudices about the newness and actuality of classic music. To break this prejudices we decided to show Kyiv Symphony Orchestra from the other side. Particularly, how the orchestra is changing and developing today as the form of modern art.
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Constant motion
Classical music stays unchangeable for hundreds of years, but it is made due to musician’s permanent and dynamic moves. To show that Kyiv Symphony Orchestra is changing dynamically, we created the brand around the idea of dynamicity and constant motion.
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We were inspired by dynamic of instruments and invisible internal connections due to which musicians interact as a single organism. Exactly people and their constant motion create the holistic and almost magical sound. People is an integral part of the orchestra and its driving force.
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Visual Solution
The new symbol of Kyiv Symphony Orchestra became abstract impersonation of musical instruments in motion uniting with each other by invisible connection which is later will be disclosed in design system.
We chose dark blue and pastel pink as basic colors. The dark blue color illustrates the power of potency of music played by orchestra. At the same time pastel pink adds modernity and creativeness on the emotional level.
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To enhance the visual influence and reinforce the association with contemporary art we involved Ukrainian modern artist’s visual works on the posters.
For this design we got the award UKRAINIAN DESIGN: THE VERY BEST OF CORPORATE AND BRAND IDENTITY 2020. And we are very proud of it.
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Head of project – Serhiy Maxutenko
Brand marketer – Daria Koltsova
Art Director – Julia Bilyaieva
Senior designer – Inna Mychalska
Animation designer – Bohdan Moroz

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04071, Kiev, Ukraine
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