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Zorko is a chain store of ophthalmic centers which helps clients to care about their vision.


Ophthalmology is scary and obscure word. In this field everybody talk about equipment, discounts and experience. Zorko needs to take its own position in this field and get separated from others.
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Investigation and strategy
For the better understanding which position can Zorko occupy at the market we have made some investigation. The unlikely truth is that mothers caring about all family’s health are the core of our target audience.
Particularly, according to disappointing statistic doctors detect over 150 thousands children with sight problems annually in Ukraine. More sad is that the large number of schoolchildren are hiding problems with their eyesight. Everybody has its own reasons for this, but the main reason is fear. The fear of their parents’ reaction, fear to be out of their favourite gadgets, fear of wearing spectacles and being different.
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Guardians of the sight
That’s why was born the idea to create guys – defenders for the kids. The guys, protecting the kid’s vision as the most precious thing in the world. Those guys who are always near, protecting from obscure medical terms and terrible diagnosis.
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Please meet Zorko – Guardians of the sight
They are new superheroes for kids, and there is no time for bore with them. Moreover, Zorko heroes are guarding in such an extraordinary place, that it seems that you are on the board of the space ship.
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Visual solution
To maintain the strategy visually we created Guardians of the sight identity. We chose violet and light blue as basic colors.
Violet and light blue colors are well corresponded to the mood of Hero archetype because they associated with creativeness and reliability on emotional level. Therefore, such colors are pleasant for both kids and mothers.
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There is pleasant brand hero at the centre of visual identity inviting all those who wish to check their vision together. He doesn’t frighten the children by scary devices, but gently encourages them.
Zorko is your Sight Guardian!
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Head of project – Serhiy Maxutenko
Strategist – Andriy Chaplyk
Art Director – Julia Bilyaieva
Copywriter – Ievhen Advokat
Copywriter – Maria Kuzmenok
Creative leader – Tusya Ieremenko
UX/UI designer – Serhiy Sementsov
3D designer – Oleksander Surnin
Illustrator – Mychailo Ievtushenko

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04071, Kiev, Ukraine
St. Vozdvyzhenska 34

04071, Kiev, Ukraine
St. Vozdvyzhenska 34

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