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everything, everything, everything and work

_And work – is modern business space, co working jobs and not only
It may seem that co working – is just a place for work, and there is any difference between the office, home and co working. But there is a big difference, and it is necessary to explain it without wasting time on dry recalculation of its advantages
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Investigation and strategy
For better understanding of how to convey the co working and what is its value, we communicated with different people and were watching them during their work. So that we saw that co working is not just a working place, but also reloading space.
According to investigation, the work will be more effective if the brain will have permanent rest in form of changing the activity. “Always do something crazy! If you are the creator, you need this for your job” Belarussian TWBA creative director says. Co working allows you to switch without walking too far from your desk table.
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_and for work as well
So we built the coworking brand around the idea that among the list of everything that can be done in this space, work is in last place.
gra brand design and work main
_And work – is the space for learning, fateful meetings, interesting conversations, fresh air… and for the work as well.
Therefore, the name of co working by itself conveys the key message, which can be easily transformed according to the need. We can start from anything, the main thing is to finish it by work.
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Visual solution
We supported the idea created around variety by visual identity. We used easy script to write adaptive name and catch phrase, so it is easy to read it on both the site and the board.
Just like you can always change the catch phrases according to the needs of communication, in visual we developed several basic patterns, which can be combined on something new each time.
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For this identity we used all colors of the rainbow. But we made braver accents to make the visual more contrasted and easier for perception.
We are glad that were able to convey that _And work – is the area not only for work, but also for everything that makes it pleasant and effective.
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Head of project – Serhiy Maxutenko
Marketer – Diana Shumytska
Art Director – Julia Bilyaieva
Head designer – Inna Mychalska
Designer – Vlad Kovtun
Web-designer – Anna Ostapets

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04071, Kiev, Ukraine
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