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OnePrice is chain store with wide range of goods for minimal prices, which have been working since 2018.
The rational advantages of OnePrice have been already described. Our aim was to find out emotional advantages of the brand and bring it to the customers by means of communication and design.
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and strategy

We would like OnePrise to associate with a good bargain. To communicate with potential target audience and find out which associations they have with sales and possibility to save money.


It turned out that good bargain is not only reason of joy, but a possibility to breathe out and chill. When young people start to manage their own budget, any unexpected spends could turn on big reason for stress. As long as OnePrice comes to the rescue.

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Bought everything

you wanted

To make comfort environment for the target audience from the first seconds, we decided to inform the customer how exactly OnePrise will solve the problems. “Big choice, low prices” and no stress because of overspending.
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For network’s promotion, we created advertising campaign the slogan of which works as positive affirmation. When you don’t know where and how to find a necessary thing not for all money шт the world, in OnePrice you have already bought everything you wanted.


This campaign helps to show gently what the client can buy at OnePrice. And to show characters with which different segments of audience can easily associate themselves: from a little girl to a modern granny.

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Considering insight about value of the calmness which gives the possibility to get a necessary stuff for the low price, we decided to make the identity in the territory of peace and calmness.


The main color is green, because it is one of the most soothing colors in the spectrum. Moreover, light-green price-label is associated with low prices and makes people to buy goods. That’s why the idea of logo that old price-label is changed to the new one with lower price.

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To make the way of the customer to the purchase easier, we created the system of icons for different groups of goods. It allows us not only to develop new corporative pattern, easy to use on different carriers, but also to make universal navigation inside the shops.


Moreover, in this project we had a possibility to make a design for the façade of the shop. Façade is the first thing that customer sees, so it should attract the attention. The bright design is a perfect possibility for the brand to start its communication with the client.

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Head of project — Serhiy Maxutenko

Creative director — Henadiy Cherneha
Art Director — Julia Bilyaieva
Designer — Iaroslav Kryzhanskiy
Designer — Ihor Kolomiyets

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