gra brand design teleskop main
Teleskop is apartment complex from Industrial- Construction Group ‘Kovalska’
Kyiv is the big growing city. Here the building is happening permanently and apartment complexes are growing like mushrooms after the rain. Minding this, how it is possible for one of the apartment complexes to stand out?
gra brand design teleskop 1
Investigation and strategy
To find the right positioning which will help the apartment complex to stand out we investigated carefully the target audience. As the result we founded out that all that different people are common in their desire of changes for better. Buying new accommodation is perceived as breakthrough to the new level in life.
Considering the audience’s difference according to their psycho types we decided to focus the communicational vector on the idea that will be clear to everybody and at the same time adaptive enough for convey the senses on the different levels
gra brand design teleskop main
Closer to the stars
To support the chosen vector we used the universal symbol which is close to everybody – the sky with stars and we named the apartment complex Teleskop. As the Teleskop makes you feel closer to the stars, buying your own accommodation makes you closer to wishes realization.
gra brand design teleskop 2
Flats for dreaming
We put this idea to advertising campaign. We outplayed different senses connected with the stars.
gra brand design teleskop 3
Visual solution
The identity should be easy, tight, to show real estate developer’s reliability and the inner power which future inhabitant will get. We would like Teleskop to become the place of power for its inhabitants and this desire is reflected in color solution.
The colors of the brand are blue and white. They are associated with something honest, concrete and the night sky of course.
gra brand design teleskop 4
To enhance the association better, we chose constellation as the style making element. Besides being available on different hosts, they seemed whispering to future inhabitants that the stars are near.
In advertising campaign we sell not just flats, but the places of power, “your own corner”. That’s why the advertisement should be associated with family and home. Through the number of 3D characters we found the right image. The characters turned out very friendly, gentle and positive. So it would be easy for the client to associate themselves with those characters.
gra brand design teleskop 5

Director – Serhiy Maxutenko
Creative director – Henadiy Cherneha
Brand manager – Roman Roy
Copywriter – Natalia Denysenko
Art Director – Julia Bilyaieva
Designer  – Iaroslav Kryzhanskiy
3D designer – Oleksander Bondarenko

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