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Sofiyivske is rice straw color ale made from Uman City brewer’s recipe. The drink has soft and sophisticated taste with light flavor of orange peel made by Uman Beer.
When in “Uman Beer” became necessary to make a new label for the new beer brand “Sofiyivske” we decided to exceed everybody’s expectations and create complete brand instead of making simple label design.
gra brand design umanpivo sofiyivske 1
Investigation and Strategy
We investigated the target audience to understand what we can be for it as a beer, with which emotions to go out, about what and how to talk, how to look, which aftertaste to leave.
The first thing, that comes to the mind after such words as “Uman” and “Sofiyivske” – is a popular arboretum (type of botanical garden) and pleasant get-together in its shadow with the bottle of cold and foamy beer. But we left this idea. Fist of all, because it is boring and trite. Secondly, in addition to nice geographical location, “Sofiyivke” beer has more reasonable advantages such as specific taste and novelty.
gra brand design umanpivo sofiyivske 2
Solve the mystery
A new product on the market is always mystery which is wanted to be solved as fast as possible. Speaking about beer of blonde ale sort, which flavor develops gradually, each time playing different notes. Such beer is a solid mystery, which is solving gradually with each next sip.
gra brand design umanpivo sofiyivske 3
Also we decided to go further and investigated historical background of Uman City. There we paid attention on personality of Countess Sofia Potocka, a big number of legends about her exist even nowadays and sometimes it is difficult to say what is truth and what is fiction.
Her character is perfectly matches to multidimensional character of beer and mysterious fleur around Sofia allowed us to fully expose the essence of the brand. Thus, the brand hero appeared in brand “Sofiyivske”. She is perky, intriguing and mysterious Sofia Potocka. Before starting to sell the beer, we also developed a creative communicational platform with the key message – Solve the Sofia’s mystery.
gra brand design umanpivo sofiyivske 4
Visual Solution
From zero point, we created illustrated portrait, which further became not only basic element of the label, but sat the tone for all future visual stylistic. For the portrait we chose the gravure style to underline the hero’s historicity.
Instead of looking archaic and obsolete, she has to have progressive and brave look. For this purpose we add to the portrait unexpected elements and bright colors. Using the same stylistic we additionally drew recognizable locations and sights of “Sofiyivka” park and framed everything with aristocratic violet color.
gra brand design umanpivo sofiyivske 5
Using calligraphy in the name, we gave some more sophistication and unique to the composition of the label.
gra brand design umanpivo sofiyivske 6

Director – Serhiy Maxutenko
Copywriter – Tusya Ieremenko
Art Director – Julia Bilyaieva
Senior designer – Inna Mychalska
Illustrator – Olha Selycheva
Type designer – Ievhen Spizhevoy
Animation designer – Bohdan Moroz

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